Meeting the future by the ordinary

TESLA - Meet the Lion... uhm... Wolf, that is.

Native Wolfsburg Inhabitant, Germany, 2018

HowTo Not Tell Your Family... bought a TESLA !

I mean, they could have figuered it out, but I guess, they consciously decided to ignore all the relevant hints that were - from my perspective - pointing all into that same direction.

Anybody who knows me a little, just knows I'd be interested in an innovative forerunner, meeting me at the "intersection of technology and liberal art", as Steve used to call it.

The hightened interest in visiting Apple Stores that are in the neighbourhood of a Tesla Showcase gives away another hint.

The electric charger I had installed right next to our doorbell for Type-2-Plug vehicles, played down with the words: "There will be something some time in the future that might need charging!" I got away with that, too.

And then, there is always the money trail. Those ups and down on our banking account, stayed unnoticed during the sell-off of one of our two cars and paying off the loan.

Why would we sell a car ? We always had two. Don't we need two? No we don't. We need 1,15 cars. And it is just too expensive to keep the other 0,85 cars in the long run.

That is only true, of course, if you consider being part of something futuristic and beautiful and forward-thinking is worth nothing - zero money. Not being one of THAT kind of people, the order was bound to happen.

But what to buy ? Read on in my blog "Inner Values"


Tracking The Shipment

Well, there used to be an easy answer to that: Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in Google and several big-data-competing systems would sprawl out all the information needed to find the vessel your Tesla vehicle is dragged over the ocean by.

Not anymore, I am afraid. I had to painfully wait for the message "Loaded onto Vessel" in my Tesla account, then quickly look for a fitting ship leaving Houston, USA, for Antwerp, BE. was helpful, even though I had to open a trial-account.

Once you have that, there are 15 days you can try to spot a little dot on the map, doing a mere 15 knots, if the wind is pushing. Atlantic passage eastward will take 15 days.

It takes another 3 days to get the vehicle to Tilburg for final assembly.

Since registration is done simultaniously to its departure from Tilburg, it will be ready for the wild by the time it all comes together at the "Delivery Experience !"

3 days later it is on its way to the delivery center of your choice.

Bottom line: The initially projected delivery date "End of February/March" was met spot-on.



There is a chance that the logo will collect some rust over time. So, whenever cleaning your car's details, you might want to give it some extra effort right here.



The CHAdeMO Adapter is another €500,00 being subtracted out of your account. If you need it, that is. It will definately charge faster, if you do not have a Supercharger at hand, since this is the other option to charge with DC directly and not having to transform AC for charging.


Turbine Power

Turbine Wheels are an option. The 2018 Model can be configured with a 10-Blade 21 Inch Wheel. I found this picture on the net showing a 13-Blade-Wheel, which I have not been able to spot being attached to a vehicle.
Maybe someone can help me out with a hint ?


Referral Program TESLA Weiterempfehlungsprogramm



Free unlimited Supercharging and €500 Credit when ordering a new Model S or X.



Sitting at a Supercharger gives you time to plan the next hop. But by planning a trip in advance gives you the chance to better decide where you want to take a time-efficient break or how to alter the route to move even more efficient off the beaten track.

Here are my favorite two routeplanner for Electriceers:

A better Routeplanner

EV Trip Planner


Gratis Supercharger Free

Model S und Model X. Als Tesla-Besitzer können Sie bis zu fünf Freunden eine unbegrenzte, kostenlose Supercharger-Nutzung verschaffen, wenn diese ein neues Model S oder Model X kaufen. Derjenige unter Ihren Freunden, der als Erster auf Ihre Weiterempfehlung hin zwischen dem 1. Februar 2018 und dem 30. April 2018 bestellt, kommt zudem in den Genuss einer Gutschrift von €500 für den Kauf von Zubehör und Serviceleistungen.


Inner Values

Looking at the now appearing pictures of the Model 3 interior Design...
Reading about the range capabilities of the Model 3...
Seeing the modest display-size of the Model 3...
I'd rather have a Model S.

But looking at the pricelist of a Model S with options...
I'd rather have a Model 3.

Making the right choice really is not easy.

But here is what made my decision worthwhile:
All the owners on youtube love their TESLAs.
And I don't want to spend any of my time thinking about a compromise.

Love and enjoy.


Leaving Soon...


More Chargers By The Minute

01/2012: Superchargers: 0
11/2017: Superchargers: 7320
02/2018: Superchargers: 8686

= 3241440 Minutes -> 0,0027 SC/Min

Last 3 Month
= 12900 Minutes -> 0,1059 SC/Min

One new Supercharger every 9,44 Minutes.


Getting it - Timeline

10.07.1856: Already loved Tesla

17.01.2017: Testdrive Model S at Hannover

19.11.2017: Placed the order

26.11.2017: Order accepted

07.01.2018: (est.) Production planned

16.01.2018: (est.) In production

27.01.2018: DEP Freemont, CA to port

05.02.2018: Loaded onto vessel at Houston, TX

20.02.2018: Vessel arrived at Antwerp, BE

21.02.2018: Tesla Factory Tilburg, NL

27.02.2018: ARR Delivery Center Hamburg, DE

03.03.2018: Pickup at Tesla Delivery Center

source: self


Pro's and Con's

German Version:

+ Hi-Res Display vor dem Fahrer ist excellent.
+ Luftstrom der Lüftung sehr angenehm. Es zieht nicht in den Augen. Sehr gut.

- Autopilot: Spurwechsel zu rabiat.
  (fixed by Update 2018.10.4)
- Fussraum-Heizung unterdimensioniert
- Bremspedal klappert bei Stop-n-Go
- Browser hakelig und zäh.
- Paintboard App zu wenig Performance.
- Chromaufhängung der Seitenspiegel sollten matt sein, Sonne blendet.
- Browser Hilfe "scroll-lastig". Put in an Alphabet index rechter Rand oder Scrollbalken Touch-fähig schafft hier Abhilfe.
- Fehlende help topics: Verbandkasten, Warndreieck.

English Version:

+ Hi-Res Display in drivers front is excellent.
+ Airflow is nice, not poking into the eyes. Big plus here.

- Autopilot: Changing lanes needs more smoothness.
  (fixed by Update 2018.10.4)
- Feet-Heating underpowered
- Brakepedal makes noise like it is loose in Stop-n-Go brake occasions.
- Browser needs more cpu power.
- Paintboard App needs more cpu power.
- Outside rearview mirrors support bracket is too shiny in chrome version. Sun glare is hurting my eyes at times. Make it matte and all is good.
- Browser Help "scrolly". Put in an Alphabet index on the right side or make the scrollbar itself accessible for touch. That would help.
- Missing help topics: Verbandkasten, Warndreieck.



November 2017

Inhabitants: 5,3Mio
New eVehicles: 33pcnt

Inhabitants: 85,6Mio
Superchargers:60 New
New eVehicles: 2pcnt

Mit einem Basispreis von umgerechnet 29.933 Euro kostet der e-Golf nur etwa 60 Euro mehr als das 85 PS starke Schwestermodell mit konventionellem Antrieb.

Und weil für Elektroautos in Norwegen weder Mehrwert- noch Neuwagensteuer fällig werden, kommt der Käufer eines VW e-Golf unter dem Strich rund 12.000 Euro billiger weg als bei der Bestellung eines Benziner-Golfs.


Things Volkswagen is clearly ahead

German Version:

Das kann mein Passat besser:
+ Rückspiegel ergonomischer
+ Seitenspiegel ergonomischer
+ Virtuelle Vogelperspektive
+ Massagesitz. Brilliant.
+ Spaltmaße

English Version:

My current VW Passat is better at:
+ Rearview mirrors more ergonomic
+ Virtual Birds-Eye View
+ In-Seat-Massage. Brilliant.
+ Gap dimensions

source: self


Come on, Volkswagen ! You can do it, too.

Love the new Microbus! Just love it.

Problem is: I already did that when I played with it as a HotWheel-Edition 2001.

For all the people beating on Tesla for only making 2500 instead of 5000 cars per week (01/2018) 5 years after opening a brand new factory that was built in record time itself, put this into perspective of making ZERO cars in 16 years in a factory that already produced millions of cars for the past 70 years.

Wikipedia: VW Microbus


VW eMobility: Exhibit One

Charger Design


Things just improved (03/2018) with this design proposal that will be applied on the projected 400 stations planned across Europe by 2020.

Volkswagen built the first public CCS quick charge station with 50 kW DC in Wolfsburg in June 2013 to test drive the upcoming VW E-Up.


VW eMobility: Exhibit Two

Charger Amount: Compare this to the combined effort of the leading three car manufacturers of Germany alone, in a reasonable timeframe of, let's say, the last three years...

Germany 2017: ca. 59 Tesla Supercharger-Locations with 2-12 chargepoints each and ca. 587 charging stations all other brands.

All German charging stations according, including the private sector, amount to 8585 with 25535 charging points

German car manufacturers are planning to establisch 400 fast-charge-stations with 350kW each until the end of 2020. They will be fitted with CCS-Plugs.

This article needs work. I am aware !


VW eMobility: Exhibit Three

I.D. Vizzion

Volkswagen is showing us here, what they can not do next. Unfortunately.

Please finish a usable production-model first before giving people yet another (timewise) unrealistic vizzion.

And I do not mean that it is impossible. Volkswagen is up front on all the mechanical issues. No question.

First thing is to show a functioning, quick-rechargable battery pack. That will make believe. Publish the supplier of the eMotor, so we can feel the dream. Then give us a lightweight body on top and a realistic interior preview.

Why not showing the world that VW can do it by putting an electric Kiddy-Car on the market, just as proof of concept and to keep development costs down.

So far, the customer has no reason to trust that your vizzion will be up-to-date by the time it hits the road.

But yeah,... whenever it will be, there will be holographic displays around that we've been waiting for since "Back to the Future" was released October, 3rd 1985. At least Volkswagen got that one right.